Saving Money When Buying Textbooks

by Susanna Thompson

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If you are a college student and haven’t bought your textbooks for this semester, please wait and read this article first as there are a growing number of ways in which to save money on this expensive purchase. I admit that I love to see textbooks offered in the bookstores due to its stylish appearance when I was a student – but I also say no if I have the chance to save more money.

It’s quite tragic to see that each year the costs that you have to pay for  your college days continue to rise. The matter becomes worst when you add your tuition fees, books, food and entertainment as you will quickly realize that it is quite tough to manage your finances while attending school.

Directly buying from the bookstore is a dangerous move. Five classes of textbooks purchased in full from the bookstore might price well over $500 per semester. Generally the prices for several textbooks with same contents have been marked up only caused by newer university-style cover.

By the way let’s see some of the ways that that you’ll do to save money when buying text books.

Use Books from Library

Don’t buy, rent or borrow but take your time to visit the library when you need to use textbooks. Very effective and you don’t have to bring these books all the time. Only applicable if your lecturer doesn’t require you to bring these books during the class!

Yard Sales

Wait for yard sale. At either of these, you’ll be able to typically find used or maybe new books for a very low value. You might be fortunate enough to visit a yard sale where a lecturer want to sell unused books and found some books that you really need!

Buy Used Editions

Save your cash by shopping for older editions of the same textbooks. Older editions usually can be bought cheap on-line, typically for a penny plus shipping charges! The data between the newer and older edition is practically the same, so this can be a nice method of saving money.

Expect to pay 50% – 70% of the original price. If you don’t want a book right away, keep checking, because there are continually students who drop a course and have books to unload. In the same time some large universities have many bookstores, usually with competitive costs, and there are typically off-campus bookstores inside walking distance that cater to students and sell used textbooks. Oh yes – you can also get new & used books directly from Amazon.

Contact Your Professor or Lecturer

Most professors and lecturer have tons of books that they don’t want to use anymore and they might have the one that you really need! Get some copies of the books to see whether it is the one that you really need or not. Speak to the professor – you might get the book for lower price or if you are fortunate enough – for free!

Sell Back the Books

Remember that you can cover back your money later by selling the books. Thus take care of your textbooks. If you intend to sell your books back to the bookstore at the end of the semester, keep receipts, don’t write anything in the books and sell them back to the bookstore by the sell-back deadline. You might lost 10%-20% of the book’s original cost however it’s okay rather than ignoring it, right? Believe me – you can even sell your books on Amazon!

Check the situation for yourself and try your best to save money when buying textbooks for your study. Keep in mind that you might need to save more money when you’re graduated!

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